Pierrot – Polish producer of clothes and accessories for dogs



address: str. Szarych Szeregow 4, post code: 35-112, city Rzeszów, Poland
tel. (manager Ewa): +48 722 558 366

Pierrot Moda, the company sewing clothes and accessories for dogs and their owners,  was established to create new fashion trends for  our beloved pets. Comfortable clothes for dogs and their owners  are designed to offer stylish and attractive outfits to be worn all year round. Our clothes for dogs provide not only protection against rain and cold but are also considered  fashionable and colorful accessories which proof that dog and its „human” share affectionate, loving and long lasting relationship

By purchasing of our products our costumers can express respect and love for their furry friends  and encourage them to spend long time on endless walks, having fun and cuddling on the sofa together.



Why are we different than others brands?

  • For love to pets

    Pets are our top priority. While designing our clothes we care about their health and comfort. We are using attested Polish fabrics and each product is made with care and accuracy to provide the quality and comfort that you are expecting.
  • The highest quality

    The accuracy and usage of attested Polish fabrics of the highest quality are our top priority. All  the products are made by us from scratch in our own sewing room. Thanks to our 25 years long experience we guarantee the highest accuracy and quality of products.

  • Our equipment

    Our company has its own cutting room and sewing hall. We are equipped in modern variety of sewing machines including: interlocks, overlocks, lock-stitches, backtracking, hamming, punch presses, button sewing machines and steam irons.







  • Our Staff

    Our staff includes qualified seamstresses who, thanks to their experience, are able to sew clothes and accessories with the greatest care and accuracy.





Offer for wholesalers

Zip up Softshell Dog Sweatshirt

  • Sweatshirts designed for walks on rainy, cooler days, so as to protect the dog and its fur from cold, humidity, moisture, dust and dirt.
  • They perfectly match each dog (we have also developed special models for Greyhounds and French bulldogs).
  • Zippered sweatshirt (zipper secured from the inside so that it does not irritate the delicate coat and skin of the dog).
  • Sweatshirt are  made of the best quality softshell fabric.
  • Front and back adjustable, fitted  with an elastic band.






Sweatshirts for dogs

  • Sweatshirts are sewn from  the highest quality cotton, with the EU Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificate.
  • The highest quality fabric guarantees the dog's comfort, even during the most intensive games, while the pet's skin keeps breathing.
  • Sweatshirts have a hole for suspenders that are available with and without a print. We are also able to prints on them any designs chosen and provided by the client.
  • Sweatshirts are designed for individual breeds (Jack Russell Terrier, French Bulldog, York, Parson Russell Terrier).  We also offer universal models.

Coat for dog

  • Designed to protect your dog and its fur from cold, humidity, moisture, dust and dirt.
  • The outer layer of the dog clothes is sewn from of Polish Oxford fabric (polyester).
  • The inner layer of the doggy coats is a warm, hypoallergenic fleece.
  • Reflective tape. In the shape of a reflective tab ensures safety while walking your pet.
  • The dog coat is fastened with Velcro, what makes dressing your dog quick, easy and pleasant.







Dog accessories


  • Dog  harness
  • Dog leashes
  • Dog collars
  • Vehicle belts for dogs







Sachets for treats

  • They are sewn from  waterproof fabric which  weave makes it dirtproof.
  • Adjustable by an elastic band, what makes reaching for dog treats easy and comfortable.
  • They are fitted with a side pocket.




Training Buffalo Pouch

  • This Buffalo Pouch is a combination of aesthetics and design, practicality and comfortable use.
  • It is made of dirtproof fabric.
  • It has an adjustable belt and buckle.
  • It is fitted with a zipper.


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